Body Control Pilates Development Weekend and Making Beer!

October 10, 2017 - Mike Dilke

I have had a fabulous couple of weeks going to lots of fun events. The first one was the Body Control Pilates Development Weekend in London and the second was the St Albans Food Festival.

You can hear all about it on the RELAXBACK UK show.

At the Body Control Development Weekend I met Elizabeth Larkam. She is a pilates and movement expert and I had a fascinating chat with her about fascia - what it is and what it does for us. I really enjoyed talking with her and you can hear our discussion here.

Elizabeth has written a book which she launched at the weekend called Fascia in Motion. It has QR codes throughtout that allow the user to easily see relevant videos. That makes it accessible to everyone and you don't have to be an experienced pilates student or teacher to enjoy it.

Elizabeth's book is available via Handspring Publishing.

In the past I have interviewed Lynne Robinson who started Body Control and you can hear that here.


The next fun thing was the St Albans Food Festival which includes a beer festival. Now I love beer so I made it my business to seek out a brewer and ask them about the physical hard work of brewing beer and how the professionals approach the process.

I spoke with Lucas and Tim from Mad Squirrel Brewery. Lucas told me the basics of brewing and Tim filled me in with the art and science of the process along with the details of how Mad Squirrel practice their craft. They are obviously doing the right thing as they won a prize at the festival for their Hopfest beer. You can hear what they told me here.

Thank you for reading and do listen to the RELAXBACK UK show. If you have any questions or comments please ask/ make them below.