Back Pain Awareness Week

October 8, 2019 - Mike Dilke

This week starting October 7th 2019 is Back Pain Awareness Week which is organised by the BackCare Charity. It is also the topic of the RELAXBACK UK  Show and the theme this year is golf which can either cause or exacerbate back pain.

As many people enjoy a game of golf - estimates vary but in the UK it is something like 4 million people say they play - I thought talking to a golf playing physiotherapist would be useful. Karla Gardner is a senior physio with Nuffied Health and has plenty of tips for golfer on how to avoid injury or what to do if you get a twinge. Listen here to get the benefit of her experience.

For those that have suffered from back pain and tried many different cures consultant neursosurgeon Adam Williams might be able to help. He has helped patients with a method called spinal cord stimulation which implants a device to give a small electrical charge to the nerves in the back. It is not appropriate for everyone but has given great relief to one patient who I spoke to for the Relaxback UK show. Hear them both here.

Thank you for reading and please do listen to the RELAXBACK UK Show - if you have any questions please do ask them here.