This is Back Pain Awareness Week – the theme is children’s back pain

October 3, 2017 - Mike Dilke

This week is Back Pain Awareness Week and the theme is children's back pain. Listen to Dr Norma Barry, chief executive of The Backcare Charity and Lyndee Oscar of KidsBacks4The Future on the RELAXBACK UK SHOW.

Lyndee Oscar is an osteopath who has noticed her patients getting younger and younger. She decided to do something about this potential new epidemic of back pain in our children and created KidsBacks4TheFuture.

She presents workshops in schools and colleges - their objective is to show children how to go about their everyday lifes without causing injury to their spines that can cause problems and pain now and in later life. She addresses the problems of children using smart phones too much and without thinking about their posture. She also talk about school bags and the best way to carry them.

The Backcare Charity has a network of local branches to help sufferers and provides information and advice via their HQ in Sunbury.

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