An MRI scan while sitting on a Back App

July 24, 2014 - Mike Dilke

An MRI Scan While Sitting on the Back App
I recently had an MRI scan and really enjoyed it. It may seem odd to say that when I will usually settle for not too painful or uncomfortable on a trip to the hospital. This was however very different – the reason being it was an upright MRI at Medserena in Kensington, London.
They scanned me while I was sitting on the Back App seat. Not the whole chair but the non-metallic seat part. The images below show the seat in place and the scan of my spine – warts and all but in a nice natural shape.

 MRI scans can be really quite unpleasant if you don’t like lying in a small, enclosed tube with an odd noise in the background. You have to keep still for a few minutes and if buy viagra uk tesco the reason you are here is because you are in pain then speed can be of the essence -  the Medserena scan lasted just five minutes  for me.  People use things from drugs to cognitive behaviour therapy to allow them to cope and to keep still but in the upright MRI I just took a seat and watched TV for five minutes. I could see the radiographer at all times which was reassuring and she was watching me to make sure all was fine.  The video below shows the whole process.

Apart from this the images are taken when you are in a position in which the problem is more likely to happen. The spine, knees, hips, feet and ankles can all be scanned when they are taking the weight of your body rather than just lying down.  For example, I talk to a lot of back pain sufferers who say that they get most pain sitting down  – well take a picture in the position that it hurts and you are more likely to see what the problem is. There have been a lot of crashes and injuries in the Tour de France recently. I can’t help thinking that scanning a cyclist when he is leaning forward adopting a position much more similar to cycling will give a better idea of torn shoulders, dislocated collarbones etc than when lying down.
My wife was concerned when I told her I was going for a scan but when I explained it was an MRI with no X-rays she was happier. I didn’t even have to remove my wedding ring  which was good thing because I have got a little larger since we got married and it doesn’t come off anymore.

Apart from all that the surroundings are designed very carefully to keep the patient relaxed and happy and this, along with the very professional and attentive staff, made it an enjoyable experience. It certainly worked for me and I would recommend the upright scanner at Medserena if it has been suggested that you need a scan to get to grips with your pain.
This photo shows me ready for the scan, sitting on the Back App seat, and just how open the machine is.
The one thing that the MRI scan can't do is deal with movement so you have to keep still. The Back App chair has the big benefit of keeping you moving to keep your core exercised. That benefit can't be imaged so if that interests you please contact me on 01727 757221 to arrange a trial.

Medserena can be contacted on 0845 5197747 - website