AAARRRHHH! That’s my Sciatica and Winspiration Day

May 16, 2017 - Mike Dilke

On this week's Relaxback UK show I talk about my sciatica and how I got help to stop the pain plus Winspiration Day.


I'm pretty sure there is nothing more dull than stories of someone's back or leg pain UNLESS you have a similar thing and you are looking to get some relief.

You will be keen for relief as it can be absolutely horrible. I could walk about 10 paces before I had to stop and what is worse it happened on holiday so I had to come back through the airport on a wheelchair.

Listen here to Leanne the physio from Marylebone Physio in London as she explains what sciatica is but more importantly how she fixes it.

I was so happy as I went from a lot of pain and walking with a stick to being able to get on with my usual life again.

If you have any questions or comments about sciatica or the show ask/ make them here and I will respond myself or arrange for a more knowledgeable person to do so.


Every May 7th is Winspiration Day which is a global event and I went to the London day as Johann Ilgenfritz was invited to talk. As I listened it was obvious why he had been invited - I came away with an extraordinary positive feeling which I still have.

Johann is a cancer survivor and has used the experience to inspire himself and then thousands of others through starting UK Health Radio. You have got to listen to his story here.