A New Workplace Assessment Course and The Health and Wellbeing @Work Conference

March 19, 2019 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK show hears about the Workplace Assessment Course that has been developed by Hands Free Computing and also talks to exhibitors at the Health and Wellbeing @Work conference.

I speak with the MD of Hands Free Computing and the team that have developed the course. It is a CPD accredited online course that aims to increase disability knowledge, confidence and understanding. Listen to the team that have created it describing who it is for and how it can help.

I visted the Health and Wellbeing @Work conference and spoke to several of the exhibitors. Hear from Back Care Solutions, SiSu Wellness and Xsens here.

Also if you have been enjoying the music from Maz O'connor on the show you have a chance to help crowd fund her next album. Click here for details.

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