March 5, 2012 - Mike Dilke

At the Back Pain Show last week I spoke to many people while on the Back App stand. I started to note the questions that people asked and have listed some of them here - they are more or less in the order that they were asked most often.

Questions about Back App from the Back Pain Show
What are the important aspects of the Back App?
This is hard to summarise briefly so best to contact Back App UK directly but essentially the sitting position helps to ensure an excellent, healthy posture and the motion provides a gentle work out for the core muscles.
Can I trial a chair?
Back App UK is very keen for all concerned about their posture or suffering from back problems to trial the Back App. Contact us on 01727 757221 and we will arrange this through our network of dealers

Can you sit on the Back App all day?

Yes, thousands of people in Scandinavia sit on the Back App all day. It may require a short lead in period to get your muscles used to the movment but before long you will be able to sit on the Back App all day.
How long is the guarantee?
The guarantee for faulty chairs is valid for 5 years.

Do you need to buy a new desk to use the Back App?

No, but you do need to think about the height at which you are working because you sit higher on a Back App than on a regular office chair. This could mean using desk raisers or other means to raise your keyboard and monitor. A good solution is to use an adjustable height desk but it is not absolutely necessary.
Who invented/ developed the Back App?
A Norwegian man called Freddy Johnsen. He suffered greatly from a bad back, endured surgery and had the idea from sitting on a wobble board by mistake. This gave him the idea which he developed into the Back App.

Where is the Back App made?

The Back App factory is in Anderstorp, Sweden.

Do dentists use it?

          Dentists do use the Back App – they prefer the mobile version.
Does it come with a wipe clean fabric?
The Comfort fabric can be easily sponged clean but leather and a synthetic leather are also available which wipe clean.

Can I be a dealer?

There are opportunities for appropriate therapists and retailers to become dealers in the Back App. Contact us and we can discuss your ideas.
Can I sell on commission?
Some therapists sell the Back App this way. Contact us to discuss if it is appropriate for you.
What is your preferred route to market?
The preferred route to market is via therapists or retailers that have an understanding of ergonomics and have a real desire to help people improve their health and/ or their workplace environment.

Can children use it? – they may sit for 3000 hours doing home work during their school career

As long as your legs are long enough to comfortably reach the foot plate you can use the Back App. There is a low lift version so quite young children should be able to use it.
Are there any conditions that you can’t use the Back App if you suffer from them?
We have not come across any conditions that the Back App is not appropriate for as the exercise that it provides is very gentle. However, if at all concerned you should discuss the Back App with your doctor or appropriate health professional.

Does the seat tip forward?

The seat is fixed to the stem such that the  movement is from the stem and seat moving together from the base of the chair.
How wide is the base?
     The circular footplate has a diameter of 600mm.
Can I purchase the chair with a disability allowance?
We can introduce you to a retailer to help with this if appropriate.