Online Yoga – Yoga With Kassandra


Yoga: Free, accessible, and beneficial.

The podcast transcript highlights the accessibility of yoga through its free and extensive library of online classes. Kassandra Reinhardt, who has been teaching yoga for almost 10 years, has created over 800 to 900 free yoga classes on their YouTube channel. This vast collection allows people from all around the world to access yoga classes as long as they have an internet connection.

The speaker’s dedication to making yoga accessible is further demonstrated by their use of both English and Sanskrit names for yoga poses. By offering both terms, the speaker allows practitioners to learn and associate the equivalent names in both languages. This approach caters to individuals who may find the original Sanskrit names confusing and helps them feel more comfortable and engaged in their practice.

Furthermore, the speaker’s commitment to safety and alignment is evident in their teaching style. As they cannot physically observe their students during online classes, they prioritize providing clear verbal cues and instructions to ensure that practitioners can safely follow along without the need to constantly look at their screens. This attention to detail and concern for the well-being of their students further enhances the accessibility and inclusivity of their yoga classes.

The speaker also acknowledges the physical demands of teaching yoga online. Unlike teaching in person, where instructors have breaks to observe and assist students, teaching in front of a camera requires the instructor to do the entire yoga class alongside the viewers. This not only requires physical endurance but also the ability to speak without being out of breath. The speaker’s dedication to refining their technique and prioritizing their own body’s safety while teaching is commendable and sets a good example for practitioners.

In terms of accessibility, the speaker’s YouTube channel offers free access to their entire library of yoga classes. However, they also have a mobile app that provides additional exclusive content behind a paywall. This option allows individuals who are willing to invest in their yoga practice to access extra features such as watching without ads and guest teacher sessions. Nevertheless, the core content remains free and accessible to all, ensuring that anyone with an internet connection can benefit from the speaker’s teachings.

Overall, the podcast transcript highlights the accessibility and benefits of yoga. The speaker’s dedication to creating a vast library of free online yoga classes, their emphasis on safety and alignment, and their consideration for the needs of different practitioners make yoga accessible to individuals of all levels and backgrounds. Through their teachings, the speaker promotes the idea that yoga is not only a physical practice but also a means to achieve mental and emotional well-being. By removing barriers and providing accessible resources, yoga becomes a transformative tool that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.