Government Could Incentivize Electric Vehicles


The podcast highlights the importance of government incentives in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. Dan Caesar gives the current government a “C minus” grade for its efforts in encouraging the use of electric vehicles, stating that they have done more to deter people than to encourage them. This sentiment is echoed by the host, who questions why the government is not doing more to incentivize the use of electric vehicles.

One of the key points raised is the lack of government support in the form of grants and subsidies for electric vehicles. Dan mentions that the UK has hovered around a 15% market share for electric vehicles, while other countries like Norway have seen significant increases in electric vehicle sales due to strong incentives in place. The removal of the plug-in car grant and the high VAT on charging for electric vehicles are cited as examples of policies that are hindering the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK.

The guest suggests that the government needs to do more to support the transition to electric vehicles, as it is a global trend that is gaining momentum. Other countries are already seeing significant increases in electric vehicle sales, while the UK has lagged behind due to regressive policies. The guest mentions that other parties are promising to ramp up policies and subsidies for electric vehicles if they come into power, indicating that there is recognition of the need for government support in this area.