Challenging the Status Quo: Setting Achievable Goals



In this episode of the Relaxed Back UK show, host Mike Dilke interviews Professor Greg White, an Olympian, sports academic, author, trainer, and endurance athlete. They discuss the importance of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone and achieving surprising feats. Greg shares his experiences with sport relief, including helping Eddie Izzard run 43 marathons in 52 days. They also talk about setting realistic goals and having a vision. Tune in for an inspiring conversation with a remarkable expert.


[00:02:26] Achieving the impossible.

[00:06:31] Eddie Izzard’s amazing marathon challenge.

[00:08:13] Unrealistic goals and challenges.

[00:14:30] Normal people and elite sport.

[00:15:58] The importance of family.

[00:19:28] Lottery funding transformed the landscape.

[00:25:10] Brain advantages in athletes.

[00:30:13] The nurture aspect of sports.

[00:34:00] The Norseman triathlon.

[00:38:00] The limits of human performance.

[00:41:07] Finding a personal challenge.

00:00:38 – “He stopped for Sunday lunch.”

00:04:43 – “is actually the initial vision, is what is it that you want to achieve?”

00:08:39 – “You’re not changing the status quo if you can already foresee the outcome being positive.”

00:11:30 – “And I think actually, if you take a look at the day and you look at the structure of your day, and if you plan that day in a different way, what you will find is that you can create time.”

00:12:07 – “And if you structure and you plan your time appropriately, actually what you can do is you can create more time.”

00:15:37 – “Nothing great is ever achieved alone.”

00:19:32 – “And that lottery funding transformed, utterly transformed the landscape.”

00:23:50 – “And you can spend an awful lot less money for the same outcome, because what you’re doing is you’re, and again, it’s this idea of actually doing the work rather than take it rather than effectively taking the shortcut.”

00:25:37 – “Some people just are better at this stuff, aren’t they?”

00:30:21 – “as an excuse for why certain individuals or certain nationalities are good, are the best at a certain sport.”

00:31:10 – “Because I might not be the best 10,000 meter runner in this pub, nevermind the world.”

00:35:39 – “What’s wrong with you?”

00:37:18 – “I enjoy the misery of training.”

00:41:07 – “Well, I think, honestly, the most important thing, as we’ve said it before, is do something that is personal to you.”

00:43:14 – “I think if you are at the start of your journey, you’ve never done anything like it before, the absolute most important thing is do something that you are going to love.”


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